Life Coaching

CURYJ’s Life Coaching program provides intensive individualized support to our program participants with the highest needs.
Chris and his mentor

Mentors work with systems-impacted young people and formerly incarcerated folks to provide guidance, skill-building support, and help with access to concrete resources like groceries, housing, employment, and educational opportunities. This ongoing support enables young people to not only get free, but remain free. 

Enrolled participants meet weekly with their coach to check in on progress, celebrate successes, and address barriers. Coaches may also refer participants to community healing events, outside resources, and act as advocates in systems navigation.

We’ve seen our mentees make huge progress in meeting their life goals—from foundational steps like gaining driver’s licenses, to impactful outcomes like securing permanent housing, continuing education, and developing careers.

To get involved with our Youth and Adult Life Coaching Programs, contact Rico Pabón, José Luis Pavón, and Michael Muscadine at

Mentors Can Help With

Personal Goals

Anger management, healing from trauma

Legal Goals

Getting off probation

Professional Goals

Finding housing, getting a job

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