Community Healing

Everything we do is grounded in the understanding that Culture is Healing / La Cultura Cura—our healing is in our roots.
Monterrosa and Salgado sisters ceremony

We intentionally draw on our culture, lived experience, and internal strengths to build positive coping skills, helping people to explore their roots and access intergenerational & cross-racial wisdom. We draw from the wisdom and culture of our ancestors to provide our community opportunities to heal, grow, and thrive.

At the core of our theory of transformation and liberation is the understanding that unresolved trauma can bring drama into movements. This is why a healing foundation is integral to our work support young leaders to move from their traumatized self to their authentic self. 

We hold intentional healing spaces in response to community violence, police terrorism, and personal grief and recovery. We lead year-round cultural events that uplift Black and Indigenous love, joy, culture, and people. We help young people reclaim, relearn, and return to their roots through traditional ceremonies. 

How We Heal

Restorative Justice

We hold healing circles & rituals, practice traditional native sweat lodge healing, and preserve teachings, knowing that restorative justice lies first within our ancestry.

The Aztlan Beautification Movement (ABM)

We reclaim neglected public space in our neighborhood, using murals and other cultural arts as a tool for social change.

Men’s Warrior Circle

We hold space for people of all ages who identify as men who’ve been impacted by incarceration or violence. It’s a space for them to strengthen relationships by sharing, exchanging, and learning collectively. They engage in ethnic studies and culturally-rooted movement building history. Participants are able to fellowship with men of all ages in a safe space to learn from each other while participating in group outings like sporting events, movie nights, hikes, camping, and other field trips.

The Young Women’s Healing & Empowerment Circle

We meet monthly to explore the topics of healing, art, politics and empowerment with women of all ages who’ve been impacted by interpersonal and/or systemic violence. They have the opportunity to participate in group outings like sporting events, movie nights, hikes, camping, and other field trips.

The Fruitvale Community Garden

We provides healthy, sustainable food and access to land to grow food for Oakland locals. It is a safe outdoor safe for our staff to meet with participants during the pandemic. 

We recognize that community health and wellbeing are inextricably intertwined with understanding oppressive systems of power and actively working to dismantle them.

Dia de los Muertos altar
Michael getting smudged at the community healing event

Community Healing Manager and Co-Founder

Michael Muscadine is a fifth generation Oakland native and co-founder of CURYJ. Learn more about Michael on his bio and at this article. You can reach Michael at

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