Wil Quintero

Life Coach


Wil Quintero is a resilient 1st-generation, low-income, non-traditional graduate from UC Berkeley, holding a bachelor's degree in Sociology and a minor in Early Childhood Development. Currently pursuing a master's in business at San Jose State University, Wil embodies determination and academic achievement.

Having overcome the challenges of being formerly incarcerated, Wil's transformative journey led him through diverse roles that highlight his commitment to community and advocacy. Previously a Dreams Beyond Bars Fellow, he engaged in organizing and advocating for youth policy. Presently, as a Life Coach at Curyj, Wil continues his impactful work in guiding and empowering others.

Wil's professional background includes being an intern at UC Berkeley's Underground Scholars, where he provided admission counseling for currently incarcerated community members. Before that, he served as a preschool teacher intern at the Haste Street Child Development Center, showcasing his dedication to early childhood education. Additionally, his involvement in the Catholic Charities program saw him co-facilitating meetings to support young men in their personal goals, self-care, and anger management.

Growing up as a Hispanic male in the Eastside of San Jose, a marginalized community, Wil witnessed the challenges faced by adolescents, including substance abuse, gang violence, and mental health battles. These firsthand experiences fueled his passion for overcoming obstacles and actively participating in community-building initiatives.

 Wil's enthusiasm lies in bridging connections and creating positive impacts within the community. With a profound understanding of adversity, resilience, and community development, he is eager to contribute his skills and experiences to further meaningful change.

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