Wil Quintero

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow


Wil Quintero, is a1st-generation, low-income, non- traditional, formerly incarcerated, 2nd year transfer student from San Jose City College.

Wil is a Dreams Beyond Bars Fellow where his work includes organizing and youth mentorship.

As a Hispanic male, he grew up in the Eastside of  San Jose California, a marginalized  diverse community where culture was persistent. He witnessed adolescents get lost in the streets due to substance abuse, gang violence, mental health battles and other challenges depending on their circumstances. These lived experiences shaped Wils perspective to overcome these obstacles and get involved in community building activities,  

Wil is an intern at Underground Scholars at UC Berkeley where he does admission counseling for currently incarcerated community members. Prior to this, he was a preschool teaching intern at the Haste Street Child Development Center . Before that, he participated in Catholic Charities program where he co-facilitated meetings to help young men work on personal goals, self care, anger management, and other areas to improve their life. 

Wil is passionate and excited to bridge connections and looks forward to creating positive impacts within the community .

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