Swai Lakai

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow


Swai Lakai is a young black woman dream beyond Bars fellowship community organizer. She does the work that she does to help make a difference in a positive way. Because she enjoys being a part of many others who also want to make a change it’s easy for her to be productive. In the past she has worked as a receptionist, did some entrepreneurial work, and an internship for law and got a chance to work with attorneys and participate in a mock trial. Swai also enjoys gardening and is very tapped in with her spiritual life inspired by her life’s hardships. She is very conscious about certain things: like what she consumes and what she does in her daily life using products made with natural ingredients and using natural remedies and ways of healing. At DBB Swai’s goal is to bring this positiveness and knowledge to others and to lead youth in the right direction.


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