Saran Moeun

Violence Interrupter


Saran Moeun was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. In 1990, he migrated to East Oakland and has lived there since. Growing up with little to no resources and a mentor to guide him, he aspires to change this and give back to his community. 

Prior to joining CURYJ as a Violence Interrupter, Saran worked in various spaces in the Bay Area promoting safety and security. During the rise of Asian-American hate crimes last year, he patrolled the Chinatown area to ensure crimes are circumvented. Being of Cambodian-American descent, he aims to protect people like him. With this, his values are centered around safety and security derived from his direct experiences of unsafe environments in his childhood. Saran has achieved a certification in homeland security to further enrich his skills. In addition to creating an environment safer, he extends this aspiration to fostering spaces for healing. As a past participant of California Youth Outreach, he is giving back by leading the efforts of its wellness program. 

Saran is very well-rounded, he enjoys anything from musical to physical endeavors. He has made music, worked on cars and houses, and cooked cultural Cambodian food with a little East Oakland twist. Overall, he loves the aspect of learning something new. 

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