Ricardo Jimenez

Ricardo Jimenez

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow


Ricky Ricardo is a youth leader in progress. A prior Dream Beyond Bars fellow, Ricky is impacting his community and building professional and leadership skills for his future.

Ricky has taken a lead in the participatory research program investigating different juvenile justice facilities in Northern California.  In October 2019 he was a guest lecturer at the Stanford Masters of Law Program course, Youth and Law Policy, presenting on the school to prison pipeline. He is part of the media team for DBB and organizes community events.

Ricky is focused on making change for all the youth in inner cities throughout California. During the start of the pandemic Ricky has helped dozens of young adults find jobs and recommended places to where some can get housing. He started out helping close friends but some came to him through word of mouth needing some help during this pandemic. Ricky is motivated by helping others and making a more just society where everyone has access to their basic needs and the tools to thrive.

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