Mireya Ixchell

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow


Mireya is a systems-impacted bay area poet, sister, youth activist, and organizer. Born into the movement, Mireya is dedicated to working towards the liberation and healing of black and brown people. As a poet, she uses her lyrical ability to tell the unwritten stories of her people.

Mireya has been a part of an abundance of Bay Area arts and youth justice programs including, Homies 4 Justice, and has been a part of a handful of youth led protests and mural projects. As an alumni, Mireya has grown in the organization and now takes part in putting on a multitude of community events with CURYJ like Town Nights.

As a current DBB fellow, Mireya recognizes that every event is an organizing opportunity and is working to create new resource tools centered around an β€œeach one, teach one” framework, that can be invested back into the community.

During her time in college she found passion in studying Music Therapy and creating new models of the work curated to healing traumas caused by the current systemic climate. After completion of her fellowship, she hopes to continue her academic studies.

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