José Luis Pavón

Life Coach


José Luis Pavón is a Life Coach advocating for systems impacted youth and developing their leadership skills to resist racism and poverty. He engages the youth he serves in intersectional organizing, helping them access policy makers and social movements. José Luis has been a Chicano community organizer for over twenty-five years. During that time he has worked on campaigns that focus on educational justice, police accountability, immigrant rights, union organizing, economic justice, multi-racial solidarity and opposing the mass incarceration of youth. Additionally, he has done extensive social service around youth empowerment, youth development, violence prevention, crisis intervention, non-profit management, and youth employment; specializing in working with high need young men of color. He has experience as an educator teaching La Raza and Ethnic Studies, as well as doing academic support for high need students in English and Mathematics. José Luis is currently completing his senior year at San Francisco State University, where he will receive a B.A. in Economics with an emphasis on solutions to poverty, labor unions and Latin America. He is a proud father of three children, an artist, musician and a lifetime Aztec dancer in the Mexica tradition.

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