Jaida MartinΒ 

Dream Beyond Bars Participant


Jaida is a multiracial, first-generation college student, who has a passion for justice studies.

While pursuing her B.S. in Sociology, she is working on a research proposal based on juvenile incarceration. Her proposal seeks to better understand the factors that contribute to incarceration. By doing this research, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing youth offenders and in the future be a potential support system for those who have been left behind by the current system. In her proposal, she explores important topics such as mental health, violence, and the effectiveness of diversion and intervention programs.

In her future work, she hopes to work in case management or therapy. Spiritual work and the work of healing are important to her because she believes the effect it has on your life is immense. She hopes to teach and retrain how people think of youth offenders as well as try and heal those who are a part of the revolving non-productive system.

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