Jadalyn Yin

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow


Jadalyn is a 22 year old mother of two and a Dream Beyond Bars Fellow with CURYJ. Jadalyn is interested in organizing work due to her indigenous background, family struggles, being raised in a low income community, with hopes to change circumstances for her two children, and other youth in the community.

 Jadalyn’s passion for community change brought her to CURYJ. She is a recent graduate from Young Women Freedom Centers community organizer program where she fell in love with community work. She credits this program with allowing her to gain knowledge while keeping her connected to community needs.

Jadalyn’s future goal is to gain generational wealth for her children, as well as change for other youth in the community. She would like to one day start her own nonprofit organization devoted to helping young mothers and young adults like herself.

In her free time Jadalyn enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends by going out in nature and doing exciting things.

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