Francisco Cisneros

School Site Violence Interrupter


Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Francisco has experienced and witnessed first hand how detrimental it can be to live in a society that lacks the capability to help underprivileged people in their pursuit to gain a sense of identity, community support and access to healing services.

He believes in engaging with individuals, groups and families who are at the forefront of the struggles that plague our neighborhoods and have been victimized by an ongoing culture of violence. He works on restoring the confidence within our city to help mend the divisions caused by gangs, ideology and absence of trust within the current systems set in place. It is his firm belief that we must take a broad approach at reaching out to the groups at the center of conflicts to create a foundation upon which they can build and develop the necessary tools to stop resorting to violence and create a setting that incorporates peaceful means of resolution.

Francisco first joined CURYJ as a volunteer in assisting with their community development efforts. He is currently the school-based Violence Interrupter at Fremont High School and is passionate about working with the youth to advance their problem solving skills.

“We must work diligently and on equitable ground in order to aid both victims and offenders in obtaining true rehabilitation. “ – Francisco Cisneros

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