Fernando Vallejo

Homies 4 Justice Coordinator


Fernando credits his academic success to his mother, whose resilience and willpower led her to flee extreme poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Since his time with Homies 4 Justice the program has doubled its enrollment and increased retention to 100% with consecutive cohorts. He believes CURYJ has opened the door to cultivate transformation, growth, and empower those who have survived similar experiences of criminalization and subsequently, incarceration.

Fernando transferred from Santa Rosa Junior College to Cal. He is finishing his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley with a major in sociology. Fernando’s area of study ties deeply to his lived experience as an incarcerated youth.

Fernando continues to access and conduct research on how undocumented people with “criminal” convictions challenge possible deportation. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Fernando plans to pursue a joint graduate degree program to contribute to the debate and abolition of both the “pol-ice” state and deportation regime.

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