Evelyn Canal

Evelyn Canal

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow

CA SB 823: Juvenile Justice Realignment
CA SB 2: Kenneth Ross Jr. Police Decertification Act

Evelyn Canal is a 20-year-old full-time college student and Dream Beyond Bars fellow. She is a proud daughter, sister, and young scholar.

In her role at Dream Beyond Bars Evelyn is part of the committee to work on CA SB 823, The Juvenile Justice Realignment Act. This bill will determine what will happen to incarcerated youth across the state once the State DJJ closes state facilities. As a formerly incarcerated young leader it is critical that there are voices like Evelyn’s at the forefront.

Evelyn also works on the committee for another bill CURYJ is co-sponsoring, SB 2, The Kenneth Ross Jr. Police Decertification Act would strip badges from officers who commit serious misconduct, allow for independent investigations, and remove barriers to suing cops in civil court. Evelyn is working against police terror through her policy work and also in working on campaigns fighting for justice for families impacted by police violence.

Evelyn’s late mother instilled in her a passion to help her community and give back. This belief guides her policy work and activism. She loves helping others and is a strong advocate for mental and behavioral health issues. Evelyn has leaned into working on community healing and trauma recovery. She loves empowering her peers and providing healing spaces and grief support.

Evelyn loves making others feel beautiful about themselves. She is a self taught nail technician. She is working toward her associate degree in business then followed by a bachelors and masters degree in business. Evelyn’s motivation is to empower her family and other people of color how to be entrepreneurs. She wants to lead by example and eventually open up a nail technician school and business where scholarships are available to people of color and working mothers. In her free time she loves taking her dog for walks.

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