Ebony Richard

Dream Beyond Bars Participant


Ebony Richard, she/hers, is a part of CURYJ’s Dream Beyond Bars Leadership Institute and the Youth Advisory Council, Ebony is an Oakland native and loves to be a part of positive contributions to her community. Being a present parent first, she loves dancing & doing art. Ebony is passionate about this work because of the traumas and experiences endured while growing up as a melanated queen in this world.  She joined the YAC to help spread light through her voice and actions, when it comes to advocating for human rights and equal opportunities by creating systemic change. 

Growing up in the Bay Area and around California, she grew up seeing treacherous amounts of trauma being done unto her people, community and other areas. Based on all the misfortunes and unequal rights that her friends, family, or peers have endured such as; hunger, death, financial instability, incarceration, even not having being taught the right things in school in all reality, are just pieces of why she stands to take her passion into the fight for change.

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