Deyci Carrillo López

Dream Beyond Bars Program Coordinator


Deyci Carrillo López is an undocumented author, abolitionist, and poeta who grew up in Deep East Oakland but was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. Deyci’s background is working with legal advocates and organizers who are working to advance and protect the rights of detained immigrants in ICE custody through representation, advocacy, and education. Taking lead and working directly with detained community members to push back and shut down detention centers in the state of California. She has also worked with organizations like IGNITE, who are working to train the next generation of young women to become civically engaged and run for political office. 

Deyci is also an artist who has been teaching poetry curriculum with organizations such as AYPAL, pouring into Oakland’s youth magic and talents. Deyci is the owner and founder of her own small business, Pura Vida 510, a space that aims to inspire little and big humans to discover and own their magic through poetry and art. 

In her spare time, you can find Deyci reading, hiking, or baking.

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