Daniela Guzman

Participatory Defense Coordinator


Daniela is the first female in the state of California to be released on SB 1437. SB 1437 is a law that made it possible for Daniela to petition herself for early release after being a juvenile offender tried as an adult. Out of her own dedication, she was a full time college student, painter, and taught herself the tools to sustain herself while she worked towards her release.

Since Daniela is formerly incarcerated, she empathizes with those who are still behind bars. She wants to provide the same opportunities to others that CURYJ provided for her. She sees this as an opportunity to pay it forward, so that others can have the same opportunities that she has. CURYJ gave life back to her, and she wants to give others in the community a second chance at life. She sees this opportunity as a way of making amends to her community, giving back, and healing.

Daniela provides advice and emotional support for people who may have never had an encounter with the law, and are now up for life sentences. She brings her expertise with seven years of lived experience. She has been in their shoes, and wants to build relationships with impacted families to give them a sense of hope.

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