Christopher Navarro

Violence Interrupter


Christopher Navarro has spent his life all over the Bay Area, but his heart is forever in Oakland. Growing up without his father and a mother with substance use disorder, Chris faced many adversities common in low-income neighborhoods, especially among Black and Brown youth. Being exposed to violent and disturbing experiences from a young age, including homelessness, foster care, gang violence, drug use, and incarceration as both a juvenile and adult, he was forced to grow up fast but learned a lot about life.

While the odds were heavily stacked against Chris, his fighting spirit left him determined to find a better life for him and his family. Chris also became a leader and nurture among his peers, something he credits to being forced to grow up fast and never letting his heart grow cold. This determination lead him to work with and receive help from C.Y.O (California Youth Outreach) and Youth Uprising in the early 2000’s, work that left a deep impression and led to the realization that community activism was the right path for him: he wanted to find career working to help others, particularly other young men and youth going through similar experiences.

Currently Christopher has many roles as a community activist, including being a CURYJ team member, where heΒ  engages in community organizing and events, life coaching to mentor young men and students, and actively working to deter street violence.

Chris comes to CURYJ with 4 years of experience in community outreach and mentorship, having worked with organizations like C.Y.O, Youth Uprising, Community Works, and the Oakland Department of Violence Prevention. Christopher is now a certified Life Coach, completed Roca’s Re-wire program, and the La Cultura Cura Facilitator training process and has furthered his formal education by successfully completing sociology and communication classes. Christopher knows his work is nowhere near done and is just getting started on the path to greatness.

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