Bryan Minero

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow


Bryan Minero is a Dream Beyond Bars Fellow, embarking on a new journey after spending three  years at juvenile hall and recently transitioning from Camp Sweeney. His experiences have instilled a passion for criminal justice reform and community advocacy. Just four weeks post-release, Bryan is actively pursuing knowledge in criminal justice to understand and challenge systemic issues. He’s driven by the belief that positive change within his community is possible through education and advocacy. Bryan is harnessing his journey to inspire others and foster a dialogue that encourages rehabilitation through community based support. He stands as a voice for those entangled within the justice system, advocating for approaches that support second chances. As a Fellow, Bryan is not just seeking personal growth—he’s dedicated to being a part of a broader solution. His mission is clear: to contribute to a future where his community thrives on understanding, support, and justice.

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