Ava Williams

Executive Administrator


Ava Williams is Executive Administrator at CURYJ. Previous to this, Ava worked as the community impact coordinator to another community organization advocating for youth justice. Her experience working closely with incarcerated youth across the whole state of California, specifically within the past year, has ignited such a deep passion and dedication to amplifying the young voices of those who are underrepresented, undersupported, and trauma-impacted. Ava has worked hard to begin healing from her own traumas, with the goal of doing her part to create a space and opportunity for others to begin their own healing as well.

Ava attended Colgate University and Weber State University studying Biology, African American Studies, and Exercise and Sports Science. Ava is very passionate about physical, mental, and spiritual health and spends her free time as a personal trainer to help people lead healthier lifestyles to improve their overall quality of life.

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