Andrew Coleman

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow


Andrew Coleman, 24, is a Dream Beyond Bars Fellow at CURYJ. Andrew’s interest in this work stems from his upbringing, where his father spent a number of years organizing in the community, and Andrew himself worked to uplift those less privileged. Andrew took part in many groundbreaking and historic events that helped people of all colors in the community of West Oakland including building the first black owned bike shop, Bikes 4 Life where many hours were spent feeding, organizing, and building the foundations for local youth, while ensuring it was a safe place for local youth to learn, make connections and build a better future.

Andrew’s ultimate goal is to break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration and early death that affects many families, while learning new things that can benefit his family for generations. Andrew’s goal is to graduate from the DBB fellowship as a better man. He strives to make sure his family does not experience some of things he saw and experienced in his earlier life. Andrew enjoys spending time with his daughter and family during his free time.

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