Amanda Majail-Blanco

Organizer Associate


My name is Amanda Majail-Blanco. I am a first generation daughter to a Salvadorian mother, I am also a mother of two twin boys and I am currently pursuing my A.S. in Political Science.

Since I was 15, I have been system-impacted but often challenged many obstacles I went through growing up. I am from the city of San Leandro but grew up in East Oakland as well.

My “WHY” is because of my sons, my ancestors who have died for me to be here and ultimately to fight for what I believe is right for me, my family and my people. I have enough fight, love and rage in me necessary to push through the movement CURYJ is pushing along with many other movement organizations.

I am now proudly an Organizer Associate with CURYJ and confident in this role that I will be able to organize around important issues affecting the neighborhoods I grew up in.

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