Amanda Majail-Blanco

Organizing Coordinator


Amanda Majail-Blanco, a firstgeneration immigrant, daughter, mother of twin boys, artist, and a part-time student at CSU East Bay, who supports systems impacted families in Oakland, California. Amandaโ€™s brother, Erik Salgado, was murdered by Highway Patrol in June of 2020. Since that terrible tragedy, she and her family continue to fight for justice till this day. Naturally, Amanda organized around her brotherโ€™s death and quickly became connected to organizations doing movement work in Oakland. With her lived experiences and experiencing a huge loss in her life committed by state violence, Amanda felt aligned in raising awareness around Police Terrorism. Amanda now works as an Organizer Coordinator at Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ). Bay Area born and raised, Amanda has spent her life in San Leandro and Oakland, California. From the age of 15, she was impacted by the juvenile injustice system causing Amanda to grow up fast, but Amanda always continued to advocate for herself and rise above the challenges. Working with young people, young mothers and families has been a life-long career path and passion for Amanda, which she approaches with humility, compassion and grace. The journey of learning to advocate for her community, and her personal healing is never ending, but with the wisdom gained thus far Amanda looks forward to continuing to make an impact in the world, paving the way for her children and herself.

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