Alex Toris

Cultural Activist


Alex has worked in Oakland since 2015, primarily supporting youth in expressing themselves through cultural art. In his work, he values the intersectionality of ancestral roots and the communities he serves. He currently serves as the Cultural Activist for CURYJ. 

Before CURYJ, he worked at Safe Passages, in supporting their after-school program that partnered with schools all over East Oakland. Being that Alex is from East Oakland, he understands the ways resources in education can greatly transform our development. He strives to eliminate this institutional cycle in his community of not having sustainable access to resources through his work. 

As a Cultural Activist, Alex utilizes his own story of how art empowered his purpose to give back to the community. His work includes working with local artists to develop and execute murals through the Aztlan Beautificant Movement. He also collaborates with our Homies for Justice program, in coordinating year-round wellness events. Moreover, Alex supports our community healing work in the Fruitvale. With this, he is able to work closely with both impacted families and youth in extending resources to alleviate housing instability, mental health assistance, and food insecurity. His own lived experience of being formerly-incarcerated has deeply instilled his drive to lift up his community. 

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