Aaliyah Jensen

Aaliyah Jensen

Dream Beyond Bars Fellow

Campaigns: Vision Act & Endless Probation

Aaliyah Jensen is a Dreaming Beyond Bars Fellow. She is also a 19-year-old full time student at Merced College majoring in Political Science and minoring in Human Services. Outside of online schooling, she is an activist, journalist, and leader in her community. 

Before coming to CURYJ, she has worked with The California Endowment, The Youth Institute and Building Healthy Communities, all doing policy and activism work.

Aaliyah realizes the need for youth with lived experiences to be at the forefront of these movements that are concerning them. Through sharing her story about the foster system, navigating life with PTSD and changing the narrative around incarcerated youth, her goal is that it will encourage her peers and other youth with similar struggles, find their voice.

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