Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice


CURYJ (pronounced 'courage') unlocks the leadership of young people to dream beyond bars. We look to young people to lead the way in transforming our communities by investing in their healing, aspirations, and activism.

Close Youth Prisons, Build Youth Leaders

By 2030, we aim to end youth incarceration in California. Every young person is sacred and every young person is a gift. But too many are silenced and disempowered by the impacts of the criminal, immigration, foster care, police, and education systems. We work for transformation and liberation through a combination of individual and collective healing and significant shifts in policy.

Cost per year to lock up a child in Alameda county
Incarcerated youth who are Black or Brown
Incarcerated young people who experience repeated trauma
Systems-impacted young people enrolled in CURYJ programs each year
Participants whose sense of belonging and emotional wellness increases
Participants who develop and master new skills

Because of CURYJ, I feel liberated… Thank God for programs like this, for spaces like this.

Zoe – Homies 4 Justice Intern

Some of our partners in the movement:


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